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Create lasting memories at the YMCA and enjoy a 2-hour reservation in a birthday party room! Elevate the celebration by adding one activity of your choice to the party for an additional fee. Explore a range of thrilling options for friends and family, including swimming*, gymnastics/ninja activities*, gymnasium space*, and more! For one hour, immerse your guests in the chosen add-on activity and make the most of this fantastic opportunity. Feel free to bring your own decorations and food to personalize the experience!

Birthday parties are booked for two hours. The birthday party uses the designated party room for one hour, and then engages in the chosen activity for one hour.

Birthday parties are available for members only.

Visit to learn more about our customizable membership options. 

*Additional fees apply.


In the event of canceling your birthday party, $50 of your deposit will be returned. If you choose to reschedule your deposit will transfer to the new date. Payment is due in full at time of registration.