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Camp fishing

When sending your child(ren) to camp, you’ll want to be sure they are ready for the journey by packing appropriately for this summer adventure. By preparing their adventure pack as a team at home, you are providing them with the foundational supplies to have the best summer ever at the Y. Here’s what they’ll want to bring: 

A Sense of Adventure
Whether they are hiking through the trails at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya, taking a cruise on the boat at Camp Wabansi, or on an excursion trip to the Isle, they’ll want to be sure to pack their sense of adventure. Adventures may feel a little scary if they are new to us, but doing things that are new to us is what helps us grow into confident individuals and leaders. 

An Open Mind & Heart
Whether it’s being open to new experiences or to new people, an open mind and heart will help your camper(s) reach their fullest potential and meet amazing people. Does your camper absolutely love building things? Awesome! They can build a forest fort one day and the next day be trying something entirely new - like zip lining or fishing! Camp staff as well as peers will be there to support them the entire way.

Boundless Curiosity
Curiosity will grant them the experiences and knowledge they may not have even known existed. From the tiny bugs of the forest floor to the fish in the ponds to the birds in the sky, Camp emphasizes the value of our natural environment and the importance of environmental education. Be sure to pack some curiosity so they can uncover all the things waiting to be discovered on our planet – including themselves. 

A Positive Attitude
A positive attitude towards experiences and towards peers is necessary to get the most out of the camp experience. If a camper is homesick or feeling blue, teen leaders and camp counselors will be there to provide some much needed optimism and friendship. 

A Kiss for the Moose
If you’re attending Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya, make sure you pack a kiss for the Moose. In this camp tradition, campers can give the Moose a kiss and whisper in its ear something nice, teaching us that kind words and actions can create positive change!

For additional items to pack for your child during their camp experience, such as clothes and recreational items, please reference the appropriate camp packing list: