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The Brain Center of Green Bay was created by a group of healthcare professionals with a mutual passion for brain science. The group's fascination with cognitive research began as weekly meetings at the home of Dr. Lolloff, affectionately titled the Betty Court Brain Study Group. Through this, the non-profit Brain Center of Green Bay was formed. 

Dr. Koster describes the Brain Center’s goal to be closing the informational gaps present in the medical system by providing accessible research and resources that increase awareness and the overall brain health of our community. 

“I think we’ve reached a point where the limit of our ability to spread knowledge kind of top down from research, to doctor’s office, to patient - there are gaps or breaks in that process, so the flow isn’t as good as it could be,” says Dr. Koster. 

That’s where the Brain Center of Green Bay becomes a valuable resource. By providing clients with cognitive coaching, the Brain Center of Green Bay is able to provide professional services that maximize brain health through Collaboration, Advocacy, Research and Education (CARE). 

Dr. Lulloff discusses the science behind physical exercise benefiting the brain through a chemical produced by the muscles that stimulate the brain to make and connect new brain cells, assisting in memory and other factors of brain health. 

“When I’m doing my six or eight mile run around the track at the East side Y, it’s good for my brain,” says Dr. Lulloff.

The Greater Green Bay YMCA is proud to work with The Brain Center of Green Bay in our mutual efforts to better the community’s health by providing programs in physical wellness for all ages. 

A big thank you to Dr. Lullof and Dr. Koster for sitting down with us and sharing their mission. 


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