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At the Green Bay YMCA, we believe in the transformative power of community and wellness. Our Livestrong® at the YMCA program embodies this, providing a supportive environment for cancer survivors to regain their strength, confidence, and joy. We're thrilled to share the inspiring stories of Kathy and Adri, showcasing the profound impact of Livestrong on their lives in different ways.

Kathy's Journey: Embracing Strength

Kathy's journey with Livestrong began in the Spring of 2023, guided by the encouragement of a friend (Adri). Reflecting on her experience, Kathy emphasizes the invaluable support she received throughout the 12-week program. "If I weren't in this program, I'd be on my own," she shares, highlighting the importance of community in her recovery journey.

With determination and perseverance, Kathy surpassed her goals, including a triumphant two-mile walk—a testament to her newfound strength and resilience. But perhaps, the most significant accomplishment for Kathy was rediscovering her sense of self amidst adversity. "I am grateful for the progression I've seen in myself," she remarks, ready to continue her journey in our Stay Strong program.

For those hesitant to join, Kathy's advice is simple yet powerful: "Do it!" She encourages fellow survivors to take the leap, assuring them of the life-changing benefits that await.

Adri's Perspective: Leading with Passion

As a leader in the Livestrong program, Adri is driven by a passion for creating positive change in participants' lives. Reflecting on her favorite aspects of leading Livestrong, Adri highlights the transformative energy and determination that inspires the group. "I become better because of them," she acknowledges, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of support and growth within the community.

Adri's experience with Kathy epitomizes the profound connections forged in Livestrong. Inspired by Kathy's unwavering positivity and resilience, Adri reflects on the invaluable lessons she's learned. "Kathy has shown me how to find joy in every moment," Adri shares, emphasizing the contagious nature of Kathy's outlook on life.

To those considering joining Livestrong, Adri extends a heartfelt invitation: "Join us!" She assures prospective participants of a customized, supportive environment where friendships flourish, workouts energize, and fun abounds.

A Community of Strength and Support

As Livestrong continues to impact lives at the Green Bay YMCA, Adri expresses gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this transformative program. Witnessing past participants continue their wellness journey and forge lasting connections reaffirms the program's profound impact on individuals and the community at large.

Livestrong exemplifies the spirit of resilience, strength, and joy that defines the Green Bay YMCA. Together, we celebrate the remarkable journeys of individuals like Kathy and the unwavering dedication of leaders like Adri, embodying the transformative power of community and wellness.

Join us at the Green Bay YMCA's Livestrong program, where every step is a testament to strength, every smile a celebration of resilience, and every journey a testament to the power of community.

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