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Attention all Webster Avenue Market shoppers! From April 29th to June 30th, you can make a difference for kids, families, and individuals throughout the Green Bay community. By simply rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar at checkout, you can support the impactful initiatives of the Greater Green Bay YMCA.

At the Greater Green Bay YMCA, our mission is simple: to strengthen communities and empower individuals to reach their fullest potential. We provide a safe and inclusive space for play, learning, health, and connection. Regardless of background or circumstance, everyone deserves the chance to thrive, and that's what we strive to offer through our programs and services.

Together, with the support of our members, donors, and partners, we've achieved remarkable milestones in 2023. Here's a glimpse of the transformational impact we've made:

  • $1.125 Million in Financial Assistance: This assistance has directly benefited children, families, and individuals in need, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder access to our programs and services.
  • 2,585 Youth Served at Summer Camps: Our three camps provided a safe and enriching environment for thousands of young people, fostering growth, friendship, and memorable experiences.
  • 7,093 Kids Equipped with Life-Saving Water Safety Skills: Through our Safety Around Water program, over 7,000 children learned essential water safety skills, empowering them to stay safe around pools, lakes, and other bodies of water.
  • 1,290 Kids Enrolled in Before & After School Programs: These programs provide a supportive and stimulating environment for children outside of school hours, promoting academic success, social development, and overall well-being.
  • Support for 54 Adult Cancer Survivors: Our survivor programs offer vital support and resources to adults navigating life after cancer, empowering them to thrive beyond their diagnosis.
  • 1,141 Volunteers Making an Impact: Through their dedication and service, over 1,000 volunteers contributed nearly 8,000 hours to various community initiatives, embodying the spirit of giving back.

These achievements are not possible without the collective efforts of our community. By rounding up your purchases at Webster Avenue Market during this special campaign, you're directly contributing to these impactful initiatives and helping us continue our mission of building a stronger, healthier, and more connected Green Bay.

Together, we are creating moments, transforming lives, and providing access for all. Join us in making a difference today!

1220 S Webster Ave, Green Bay