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Andy Bischoff lives by the philosophy of the Four F’s: family, faith, fitness, and friends. 

Family is Andy’s biggest motivation. Having met his wife at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, they are now raising their two children in the city where they fell in love. 

Andy has been working at the YMCA for over 17 years and started in youth programming with the SACC program. He became a personal trainer because it was the best way he knew how to help people while still participating in his love of fitness.

Fitness has been a part of Andy’s life since he was 11 years old. A runner since he was a child, Andy started incorporating strength exercises in high school while he was on the Cross Country team. Now, Andy participates in triathlons where he puts his strength and endurance to the test. His love of fitness and helping people is why Andy’s training philosophy is built on encouragement. Watching and helping people succeed is what drives him to continue this profession. Andy was able to be part of a wonderful success story where he trained an individual who had never walked before to walk the last 100 yards of the Ironman Triathlon with the assistance of their walker and Angel Athlete!

Whether helping someone to walk in a triathlon or just improve their overall health, Andy keeps his clients motivated by encouraging them both during sessions and outside of them. Consistency is key, but routine can become draining, so Andy will change up the workouts to keep clients engaged. Additionally, Andy will show or tell his clients about the progress they make to show them their hard work is paying off!

But Andy’s work isn’t just about helping you physically. 

“The Y is a place where people can make lifelong friendships and memories that go far beyond exercise.”

If you would like to set up a consultation with Andy, you can contact him at