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One positive outcome of COVID is that it required us to embrace technology and meet our members where they were...virtually! Although we experimented with a mix of Facebook Live, Virtual Y, and YouTube, we're so excited to introduce a NEW, fabulous digital platform, YMCA360!

What is YMCA360? 
YMCA360, also called Y360, is a free on-demand video platform for our Y members. YMCA360 offers group exercise classes, youth sports training, wellbeing classes and more, to serve members wherever they are. Whether at home or on the road, members of the Greater Green Bay YMCA can have 24/7 access to the Y.  

How do I access YMCA360? 
YMCA360 is available anywhere with an internet connection by using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. You will also need the email address tied to your YMCA membership to verify your account. Each family member on your member unit should have their own email address for the best user experience. If you are unsure which email address you provided to the Y, or if you need to update your email, please contact our membership department or log in to your online account to edit. 

How do I log in to YMCA360? 

  1. Go to https://ymca360.org/ on your desktop or mobile device or use the button in the Green Bay YMCA mobile app.
  2. Click Login or Signup. 
  3. Enter your zip code and click CONTINUE.  
  4. Select your Greater Green Bay YMCA branch.
  5. Sign in with the email address associated with your Green Bay YMCA membership. 
  6. Check the email you entered for a six-digit verification code. If you don't see a verification code in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder or request for the verification email to be re-sent. 
  7. Enter the verification code and click CONTINUE to access YMCA360 classes and programs. 

YMCA360 will ask you to login with your email and a verification code for each device and each web browser you use. Occasionally, your session will time out and you'll be asked to login again. 

Do I need to be a member to access YMCA360? 
Yes, you need to be an active member at the Greater Green Bay YMCA to access YMCA360. If you are a member, YMCA360 is included as part of your membership.

If a member has a past due balance, will they still have access? 
No, they will need to be a current member and clear up any amount owed to the Y.

What does YMCA360 cost? 
YMCA360 is an added benefit included with your membership at the Greater Green Bay YMCA. There is no additional charge to access YMCA360 content. 

Is YMCA360 a separate membership? 
No. As long as you're a member at the Greater Green Bay YMCA, you can access YMCA360. 

Why should I choose YMCA360 over another platform? 
YMCA360 is the ultimate healthy living digital experience. With YMCA360, healthy living for people of all ages and activity levels is possible anytime, anywhere. The robust digital experience combines immersive, healthy living with the values of the YMCA in a transformational presentation utilizing best-in-class people, programs, and systems delivering the ultimate connected community. More than 500 on-demand exercise classes and programs are accessible 24/7 to provide another way to engage with the Y from home. More than just group exercise, YMCA360 has something for everyone of any age or interest. Enjoy nutrition classes, personal training, sports training, kids programming, art classes, and more all in a mobile, web, or TV experience. 


What devices and platforms are supported? 
YMCA360 is now available to stream on AppleTV, iPhone, Android, and iPad. AndroidTV and Roku will be launching very soon. 

How do I find the app on my TV? 
Search for “YMCA360” in the app store and look for a blue and purple logo with YMCA360 in the center of three overlapping rings. It is currently only available on AppleTV but will be available on Roku and Android TV very soon. 

Is there a mobile app?
At this time, there is not a separate YMCA 360 mobile app, but the site can be accessed through the Greater Green Bay YMCA mobile app. 

Can I set parental controls? 
YMCA360 does not offer parental control settings. It is the mission of YMCA360 to create digital content that is healthy living for all and reflects our Christian mission, vision and values. 

Can videos be downloaded to watch offline? 
At this time, YMCA360 videos cannot be downloaded. 

I am having buffering issues/the video player isn’t working. What do I do? 
If you’re having buffering issues, try the following: 

  1. Pause the video for a few minutes 
  2. Quit other background programs 
  3. Limit the amount of devices connected to your network 
  4. Restart your router 
  5. Restart your web browser or streaming application 
  6. Move closer to your router 

There’s no audio or the audio is too loud/low or out of sync. What do I do? 
If you’re having audio issues, try the following: 

  1. Pause the video for a few minutes 
  2. Restart your web browser or streaming application 
  3. Make sure your Bluetooth is not connected to external speakers 

What does casting mean? Am I able to do this with YMCA360?
Casting means that you can send YMCA360 content from your phone, iPad, or tablet to your TV. 

Can I create profiles for my family members? 
Each family member should login using their own email address. This will give each family member their own personalized YMCA360 experience. 

Can I change my email address? If I change my email address, does it change my email on file with the YMCA? 
To change your email address on file with the Y, please contact a membership specialist or log into your online Y account. Once you change the email you have on file with the Y, use that email to access YMCA360.

How long after I update my email address with the Y can I use it to log into YMCA360? 
The new email will be able to be authenticated immediately. 


What classes are offered on YMCA360? 
YMCA360 offers a wide selection of fitness and well-being classes, including: 

  • Boomer Fitness: Boomer Boot Camp, Boomer Strength 
  • Cardio & Strength: Barre, Body Blitz, Boot Camp, Circuit, Core Conditioning, Cycling, FIERCE, Muscle Pump, Y Box 
  • Dance & Step: Belly Dancing, Cardio Dance, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Step
  • Kids Activities: E-Sports, Fun Fit, Kids Yoga
  • Mind & Body: Pilates, Yoga, Meditations & Tai Chi 
  • Silver Fitness: Silver Cardio, Silver Circuit, Silver Combo, Silver Strength, Silver Stretch 
  • Y Arts: Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts  
  • Youth Sports: Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Power Sports, Soccer 

More program offerings, such as camp, graphic arts, literary arts, and nutrition, are planned to launch later in 2021. 

What do I need for the classes? 
Every class is unique, so the equipment you'll need is listed with each video, along with the difficulty level, length of the class, and instructor's name. If no equipment is listed, it may be helpful to watch the beginning of the video to determine what equipment is recommended for that class. We also recommend having a water bottle handy to stay hydrated during your workout. 

What if I don’t have home gym equipment? 
There are many classes that don’t need any equipment at all. We encourage you to explore the classes to see what ones will work for you and the equipment you have at home. For small weights, try using items around the house such as canned goods. Remember, getting up and moving is what matters most, along with having fun. Get your heart rate up and don’t stress if you aren’t lifting your normal weight. 

What if I cannot do some of the exercises? 
Please modify each class to exercise levels that work best for you. That may mean limiting the number of sets or reps or skipping some of the exercises altogether. Do not worry if you cannot do something - you can always try and work up to it when you have built up strength, experience or confidence! 

Can I see what classes I’ve taken? 
Yes, there is a “Recently Watched” section when you log in. 

Are live classes available? 
Yes, live stream classes are now available!

What is the content release schedule? 
New content will be released every week. 

Do YMCA360 videos have ads? 
YMCA360 videos are ad-free. 

Do you have content in different languages? 
At this time, we offer one video in Spanish, but are working to expand our library.