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Village of Allouez and YMCA


Greater Green Bay YMCA Enters Memorandum of Understanding with the Village of Allouez

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

We're excited to announce the Greater Green Bay YMCA has entered a Memorandum of Understanding with the Village of Allouez, outlining the proposed joint development of an approximately 17 acre parcel of land located in the Village of Allouez. Generally bound by Broadview Drive, East River Drive, Libal Street, and Wisconsin State Hwy 172, this is to be the future site of a new full-service, destination YMCA facility, pending the completion of a successful capital campaign. Upon completion, the resulting facility will replace the YMCA's current facility located at 380 Broadview Dr., Green Bay, WI 54301.

Through an ongoing partnership with the Village of Allouez, the Broadview Y has been open and serving our community since 1984, with the current building being leased through the Village of Allouez. After almost 40 years, the YMCA and the Village of Allouez recognize the urgency to respond to the growth and needs of our community with a new YMCA to better serve our families and service area. 

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Check out our FAQ below to find out more.


Why is the YMCA partnering with the Village of Allouez?

The Greater Green Bay YMCA and Village of Allouez are partnering to bring a new state of the art facility to Allouez. This will eventually replace the existing Broadview YMCA, allowing us to better serve our members and meet the growing needs of the community.

How did the YMCA leadership team arrive at the decision to replace the Broadview YMCA?

The primary driver is to grow and meet the needs of our community. The Greater Green Bay YMCA leadership team, along with board and community members, underwent a 16-month capital planning process that reviewed membership trends, growth patterns in our community, and input from community members to assess where we could have the greatest impact. All proformas pointed to replacing the Broadview YMCA as our top capital priority at this time.

What are the YMCA's other capital priorities as identified by the capital planning committee?

The Greater Green Bay YMCA's additional priorities include expanding the West Side YMCA in the near future and building a De Pere YMCA in the distant future.

Where will the new YMCA be located?

The new YMCA will be located at 2800 East River Drive in Allouez. This is currently the Broadview Soccer Complex.

What will be offered at this YMCA location?

We anticipate this new facility to be a full-service, destination YMCA.

What is the YMCA's partnership with the Village of Allouez?

The Village of Allouez is providing approximately 17-acres of land as well as making improvements to the surrounding roadways and infrastructure to provide convenient access to the new facility. The longstanding partnership will continue as the YMCA offers community spaces and programming for residents of Allouez.

What is the timeline for this project?

The capital campaign for this project will launch in 2023. The overall timeline is anticipated to last 24-36 months. The construction timeline will develop in tandem with the community’s response and investment in this project.

What will happen to the current Broadview YMCA?

The building will remain in use as a YMCA throughout the construction of the new facility. We will keep the building vacant for one year following the opening of the new facility while we monitor usage and membership at the new facility. Future use of the building will be determined at that time.

Who will be able to use the new YMCA facility?

Like all of our branches, this location will be available to all Greater Green Bay YMCA members as well as non-members who wish to sign up for programs offered at this location. Join the Y today!

How will the YMCA pay for the new location?

The Greater Green Bay YMCA will be conducting a capital campaign to raise funds for this project.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your local Green Bay YMCA branch or call us at 920-436-9622.