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Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Nick went to college in Eau Claire where he met his wife and happily followed her back to her hometown of Green Bay. Nick has worked for the Y for six years now as a personal trainer as well as a variety of other roles throughout the years. 
Nick’s passions can be summarized in three words: family, movement, and chocolate. 


Nick is inspired by his own children who he describes as having endless energy and enthusiasm for life and activity. He especially enjoys cycling and taking his kids on a new adventure to a park or trail where he can enjoy the child-like enthusiasm and curiosity alongside them. 


Nick became a personal trainer because of his fascination with the intricacies of the human body. Amazed by how it works, he loves to continue learning more about fitness/exercise, which allows him to satisfy his hunger for movement and for learning. 
He keeps clients motivated by helping them connect with the idea that working out is not about fulfilling a daily requirement, rather it is an expression of our body’s abilities. 

A success story that Nick was a part of was a few years ago, when he was a part of a team that started and grew a successful workplace wellness partnership, one that helped a lot of employees gain access to fitness equipment and classes.

And finally...


Nick loves cooking, blind taste tests, and chocolate. 
Nick’s advice is to find something you enjoy doing and do more of that! That includes finding ways to enjoy movement and, yes – even chocolate. 

If you are interested in a consultation with Nick, you can call the East Side YMCA at (920) 436-1200 .



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